A radical leftist who hates America

So i'm reading this article on RollingStone and came across this phrase:

(regarding "key elements" one can find in any Tea Party rally or interview)

"Everyone who disagrees with them is a radical leftist who hates America."

Nothing new. Nothing i haven't heard before. Although, it just hit me:

What if i AM a radical leftist who hates America? all the pieces are there. I am a leftist, so that's correct. Anyone who has seen me dance knows I am clearly radical--almost to the point of instability. And finally, i am pretty sure this country sucks. At least let me explain that last one:

For anyone who isn't a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, living in the good ole U.S of A has been less than amazing. For many, it's been down right terrifying. This is a country that applauds itself for going over to Europe and saving millions from racially driven genocide WHILE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME is secretly (and not so secretly) allowing a racially motivated genocide in it's own boarders against (the quote-unquote) Blacks, Orientals, Mexicans and--you know: Those People. If you think genocide is too strong a word for The South in the 20th Century, let's go back a little more, when God Bless Abe Lincoln abolished slavery....of course, ALinc ran on a pro-slavery platform in his elections (oops), only freed slaves in Confederate states that did not return to the Union (double oops) and anyone who has been to the American History Museum in DC (free admission, btw--more senseless gov't spending) should know by the end of the exhibit on the civil war that Emancipation Proc. was a really great way to ruin the Southern economy (since it's workforce was entirely slaves). The Proclamation freed most slaves as a war measure, not a random act of kindness.

Remember: winners right the history books. And Americans are winners...god bless.

So when i saw the amazing concern and questioning after the nation voted in a mulatto president about "post-racial America", it did strike me as bullshit. Now that the Angry White Tea Party is in full swing, i KNOW it was bullshit. All that happened was a changing of the mask: the creamy white center of the nation has been severely misled, hypocritical and bigoted, painting their own picture of history to make sure Real Americans (whatever that is) look like genuine, honest-to-god wonderful people.

You don't come out and say: "we're gonna cut off the Mexicans and Blacks who are living on our welfare state" while driving around on your Medicare provided mobility scooter. You can't and you don't have to. You just say: "We are taking our country back". "Everyone knows" what you are saying (wink wink) because secretly there is major racism in this country and my Grandfather seems to be the only one who just comes out and says it (at least he's not masking anything: he asked if i saw the president since we live in DC, something about Obama coming over to our house to mop the floors...wow. you wouldn't think someone coming from a background of persecution [Polish] could have it in them, but there it is.)

They can clean up all the Tea Party protest signs that have Stars And Bars on them, but that doesn't mean everyone there won't be talking The Code. If anything, a misspelled sign decrying Civil Rights Act as gross overreaching of the gov't would be redundant. Its understood (wink wink nudge nudge)

So yeah, call me an Anit-American [sic] because i don't think we should have a Christian State or because i believe the EPA is a good idea or because i actually DO have friends that don't require SPF 45 sunblock--if the Angry White Radical Crowd keeps gaining momentum, you can bet your belt-buckle we are going to "Git Out".

We did a such a "good" job spreading Democracy around during the world in the Cold War, we don't have to live with these dipshits anymore. US is getting out educated, out played, out powered with better standards and more healthful living by more and more countries every year. If this is America, pining for the Dark Ages, then this wont be My Country.



I'm glad Rex Ryan can drop "F-bombs" and curse like a sailor on Hard Knocks. He is standing up for the rest of the language; the Bad Words if you will. Offensive? You want offensive, how about the show True Blood directly preceding Hard Knocks? Its fucking vampires! No, I mean its vampires...fucking! And a pro-football coach is supposed rile up his team with "golly", "darn", "well shoot" and "oh crumbs!" ????


Even my 5th grade football coach told me to "pull my goddamn head out of my ass". If we are so prudish that we can't hear some four letter words (WORDS! NOT VAMPIRE TANTRIC SEX!) then why are you watching HBO? Give me a break.

I say: You get 'em Rexy, do your fucking thing.


LobStar: Up to no good

Funny how Red Hook Lobster has taken off, and now you can find lobster rolls popping up on menus all over now. Funny how none of these other places take the same care as Red Hook in sourcing Maine lobster, but rather, tend to be freezer shipped from South America where fishingpractices are unregulated and labor is cheap.

Funny still, how many people assume that becausre you live on a coast, that your seafood came from nearby. Infact, eastern shore lobster populations have been plummeting for years, to the point where there is no lobster trapping industry in Long Island Sound. None. Combinations of warmer ocean temperatures, unsustainable fishing and increased levels of water pollution have contributed to the complete disappearance of the region's industry.

Maine is the only place left! Such a dilemma: go for that Maine guy and risk depleating our last lobster resource? Or go with some South American lobster, shipped from afar and harvested by workers in poor and unregulated conditions?

Option C: leave that crustacean in the water!


No time like the present

What an opportunity the US (or any evil western society) has right now to win over the hearts and minds of thousands of Pakistanis in desperate need. But alas, primarily Christian countries have never had much to do with helping Muslim states in need, which is why Saudi Arabia is going to swoop in and spread its wealth and influence even further throughout Pakistan by feeding, clothing and rebuilding the lives of flood victims. Instead of playing the religion card here, the US needs to show the same kind of relief support it did for the 2005 tsunami and the Hatian earthquake. What an amazing way to show people who hate us across the world how good the country and its people can be by extending an olive branch in the form of aid.

Instead, we've got Glenn Beck rallying in DC, trying to inject more Christianity into Government. Instead, we protest anything remotely Muslim being built in Manhattan like it was a nuclear power plant. Instead, we are sitting on our hands and secretly chuckling while thousands of people starve to death in terrifying conditions. Anyone worth their weight in rosaries would have rallied this weekend to help spread positive influence--say, by asking small donations from the tens of thousands who swarmed the Lincoln steps Saturday. Mother Theresa did her amazing work IN SPITE of religious differences. Hypocrite 8hristians need to put differences in gods behind them if we want real, lasting peace in Islamic states.

If we want an ally in that region of the world, or anywhere in the Muslim world, we need to act now--or Saudi Arabia will just say "I told you they are an Evil Empire: here strap this C4 on and take this Metro card".

Let's show our support, or you can say hello to another 50 years of Middle East vs. Middle West.


Notes from the Beer Snob

Is there any better compliment than a barkeep telling you that the beer you ordered was an "excellent choice" or a "great beer"?

Its on par with someone telling you that you have beautiful breasts or a huge cock. Except that its more than a physical attribute: you have STYLE.

Beer Class is so under-rated, and in a place where the beer lists can be both extensive and pedestrian at the same time, finding that Goulen Caralous on the menu can really set you apart from the pack.

Its also a great bond with the Keep: let them know you are here for the happy hour AND something more.

Hey...get your mind out of the gutter!


DC Metro Series: Thoughts

How many times must I wash this towel before it stops leaving fuzz all over me when I dry off?


From 'Deep Economy' by Bill McKibben

"[T]he dirty secret of the American economy was that it was no longer about anything except the creation of suburban sprawl and the furnishing, accessorizing, and financing of it."   --James Howard Kunstler, journalist: 'The Long Emergency'


Dependence Day

Over the past couple decades (or so) the term 'Independence Day' has been slowly choked out by its counterpart '4th of July'. Coincidentally, through international free-trade, fossil fuel consumption, loss of domestic industrial production and the rise of consumerism as a (perceived) viable economic model, we have actually become less and less Independent. Fittingly, we stop calling it Independence Day when our debt is owned by China & UAE, our fuel sources are owned by Saudis, and our food is flown in from all over the world. (Note: Through the calamitous partnerships of agribusinesses like ConAgra and the supposed governing bodies like WTO, we effectively enslave farmers of developing nations through petroleum pesticides & GMO seeds that must be purchased annually)

We import the world and export our troops. This is Imperialism. The same Imperialism we declared our Independence from over 200 years ago. We have become the thing that we stood up against, the thing that stands in the way of true Nation Building, of social diversity and of Real Democracies. What's more, history shows us that Imperial states degrade the Oppressor as well as the Oppressed. We sacrifice more than our Moral High Road, but we lose a little piece of our nation when we choose to buy imported goods from cheap sweatshop labor. We lose a little piece of what great people once stood up for every time we fill our tanks with OPEC oil. We sell off a little piece of America every day we are still Energy Dependent, Food Dependent or Financially Dependent.

And all those little pieces we have sold off have added up. We are once again subservient to powerful Lords of Commerce: the NewsCorps, the Archer-Daniels-Midlands, the ConAgras, the Dow Chemicals, the Walt Disneys, the BPs and the Royal Dutch Shells. (of the top 10 largest corporations in the world in 2009, 7 are oil-based energy companies; the only non-oil, US based company is WalMart at #3.)

So go ahead and call it "The 4th": another day of the month. If Dependency is what you want, then look around because you have it. But if you ever wondered why the world has always looked up to this country, it is because they threw off their Imperial Oppressors. They did what no other colony in Africa, Asia or Australia could do: kick out European Imperialists and declare "Live Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". This is why the world still admires America. It's not our fast cars, our tall buildings or our "Sacred Way of Life" (Other cars are now faster, other buildings are now taller and other lives are FAR more Sacred than this). It's the idea of revolting against the Imperial Boot on an oppressed people's neck. It's the concept of throwing off the chains of slavery of an invisible power in an Ivory Tower in another hemisphere. But lately, we have allowed ourselves to become that Ivory Tower; that oppressor fueled by the long tentacles of Imperial greed.

So I hereby declare, that Independence Day is dead. A holiday hijacked by greed and perverted by ignorance, celebrate your 4th of July: a shell of a holiday tucked under the wing of consumerism. We need a NEW Independence Day: one where we Declare or Independence from Oil, Independence from AgriFarming, Independence from Growth Economics. CEOs don't work for you. They answer to Stock Holders, not to consumers. We all vote with our dollars when we purchase goods & services and we vote everyday to keep these people in power.


Vote with Dollars for the things you believe in. Research where your products, your food or your energy comes from and make a stand with your money. If you think your Political Vote doesn't count, or you think that Political Means are useless for changing the structure of the system, fine. Go tell Rupert Murdoch or Thomas Falk to stuff it by boycotting the products they shove down our throats. Money talks and that is the ONLY way to get their attention (see: Boston Tea Party).

Declare your Independence. Because this holiday is a fucking joke.


A note on classical vs. modern

If a flat roof is so modern and ugly, why does the Lincoln Memorial have one? Are you diss-ing Lincoln? I didn't think so: STFU

DC Metro Series: World Cup edition

If there is one thing I'd like to see carry over from soccer to other televised sports, it is the slow-motion reaction shot. It's a little bit awkward and mostly amusing to catch these guys in strange expressions in high def moving really slow. I'd like to see that shot of Brady as he throws and INT: "ooooohhhhh ccccoooooomme ooooooonnnnnn!"


DC Metro Series: District Style

This is the first in a series i intend to post from metro subway platforms and trains. Quick, simple, direct and (unlike New York) there is phone service down here.

Today, Style Observations:
I'd like to debunk a misconception about fashion in DC: there are definitely people here with smart, fashionable style sense. Unfortunately they are all women.

Men here tend to wear their suits like huge flapping tan circus tents. After hours, the younger men dress like Jersey Shore Wannabes or Ironic Geekwads from your high school past. Also popular: terrible taste in athletic wear (DC should have coordinated sports team colors--see Pittsburgh); plaid shorts, plaid shirt and tan flip-flops (note: flip-flops are for the beach ONLY); standard polo: what is up with this shirt? Useless collar--just wear a t-shirt already. You aren't fooling anyone.

In conclusion, shape up DC men. (excluding 17th street)