DC Metro Series: District Style

This is the first in a series i intend to post from metro subway platforms and trains. Quick, simple, direct and (unlike New York) there is phone service down here.

Today, Style Observations:
I'd like to debunk a misconception about fashion in DC: there are definitely people here with smart, fashionable style sense. Unfortunately they are all women.

Men here tend to wear their suits like huge flapping tan circus tents. After hours, the younger men dress like Jersey Shore Wannabes or Ironic Geekwads from your high school past. Also popular: terrible taste in athletic wear (DC should have coordinated sports team colors--see Pittsburgh); plaid shorts, plaid shirt and tan flip-flops (note: flip-flops are for the beach ONLY); standard polo: what is up with this shirt? Useless collar--just wear a t-shirt already. You aren't fooling anyone.

In conclusion, shape up DC men. (excluding 17th street)

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