No time like the present

What an opportunity the US (or any evil western society) has right now to win over the hearts and minds of thousands of Pakistanis in desperate need. But alas, primarily Christian countries have never had much to do with helping Muslim states in need, which is why Saudi Arabia is going to swoop in and spread its wealth and influence even further throughout Pakistan by feeding, clothing and rebuilding the lives of flood victims. Instead of playing the religion card here, the US needs to show the same kind of relief support it did for the 2005 tsunami and the Hatian earthquake. What an amazing way to show people who hate us across the world how good the country and its people can be by extending an olive branch in the form of aid.

Instead, we've got Glenn Beck rallying in DC, trying to inject more Christianity into Government. Instead, we protest anything remotely Muslim being built in Manhattan like it was a nuclear power plant. Instead, we are sitting on our hands and secretly chuckling while thousands of people starve to death in terrifying conditions. Anyone worth their weight in rosaries would have rallied this weekend to help spread positive influence--say, by asking small donations from the tens of thousands who swarmed the Lincoln steps Saturday. Mother Theresa did her amazing work IN SPITE of religious differences. Hypocrite 8hristians need to put differences in gods behind them if we want real, lasting peace in Islamic states.

If we want an ally in that region of the world, or anywhere in the Muslim world, we need to act now--or Saudi Arabia will just say "I told you they are an Evil Empire: here strap this C4 on and take this Metro card".

Let's show our support, or you can say hello to another 50 years of Middle East vs. Middle West.

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