LobStar: Up to no good

Funny how Red Hook Lobster has taken off, and now you can find lobster rolls popping up on menus all over now. Funny how none of these other places take the same care as Red Hook in sourcing Maine lobster, but rather, tend to be freezer shipped from South America where fishingpractices are unregulated and labor is cheap.

Funny still, how many people assume that becausre you live on a coast, that your seafood came from nearby. Infact, eastern shore lobster populations have been plummeting for years, to the point where there is no lobster trapping industry in Long Island Sound. None. Combinations of warmer ocean temperatures, unsustainable fishing and increased levels of water pollution have contributed to the complete disappearance of the region's industry.

Maine is the only place left! Such a dilemma: go for that Maine guy and risk depleating our last lobster resource? Or go with some South American lobster, shipped from afar and harvested by workers in poor and unregulated conditions?

Option C: leave that crustacean in the water!

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