A radical leftist who hates America

So i'm reading this article on RollingStone and came across this phrase:

(regarding "key elements" one can find in any Tea Party rally or interview)

"Everyone who disagrees with them is a radical leftist who hates America."

Nothing new. Nothing i haven't heard before. Although, it just hit me:

What if i AM a radical leftist who hates America? all the pieces are there. I am a leftist, so that's correct. Anyone who has seen me dance knows I am clearly radical--almost to the point of instability. And finally, i am pretty sure this country sucks. At least let me explain that last one:

For anyone who isn't a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, living in the good ole U.S of A has been less than amazing. For many, it's been down right terrifying. This is a country that applauds itself for going over to Europe and saving millions from racially driven genocide WHILE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME is secretly (and not so secretly) allowing a racially motivated genocide in it's own boarders against (the quote-unquote) Blacks, Orientals, Mexicans and--you know: Those People. If you think genocide is too strong a word for The South in the 20th Century, let's go back a little more, when God Bless Abe Lincoln abolished slavery....of course, ALinc ran on a pro-slavery platform in his elections (oops), only freed slaves in Confederate states that did not return to the Union (double oops) and anyone who has been to the American History Museum in DC (free admission, btw--more senseless gov't spending) should know by the end of the exhibit on the civil war that Emancipation Proc. was a really great way to ruin the Southern economy (since it's workforce was entirely slaves). The Proclamation freed most slaves as a war measure, not a random act of kindness.

Remember: winners right the history books. And Americans are winners...god bless.

So when i saw the amazing concern and questioning after the nation voted in a mulatto president about "post-racial America", it did strike me as bullshit. Now that the Angry White Tea Party is in full swing, i KNOW it was bullshit. All that happened was a changing of the mask: the creamy white center of the nation has been severely misled, hypocritical and bigoted, painting their own picture of history to make sure Real Americans (whatever that is) look like genuine, honest-to-god wonderful people.

You don't come out and say: "we're gonna cut off the Mexicans and Blacks who are living on our welfare state" while driving around on your Medicare provided mobility scooter. You can't and you don't have to. You just say: "We are taking our country back". "Everyone knows" what you are saying (wink wink) because secretly there is major racism in this country and my Grandfather seems to be the only one who just comes out and says it (at least he's not masking anything: he asked if i saw the president since we live in DC, something about Obama coming over to our house to mop the floors...wow. you wouldn't think someone coming from a background of persecution [Polish] could have it in them, but there it is.)

They can clean up all the Tea Party protest signs that have Stars And Bars on them, but that doesn't mean everyone there won't be talking The Code. If anything, a misspelled sign decrying Civil Rights Act as gross overreaching of the gov't would be redundant. Its understood (wink wink nudge nudge)

So yeah, call me an Anit-American [sic] because i don't think we should have a Christian State or because i believe the EPA is a good idea or because i actually DO have friends that don't require SPF 45 sunblock--if the Angry White Radical Crowd keeps gaining momentum, you can bet your belt-buckle we are going to "Git Out".

We did a such a "good" job spreading Democracy around during the world in the Cold War, we don't have to live with these dipshits anymore. US is getting out educated, out played, out powered with better standards and more healthful living by more and more countries every year. If this is America, pining for the Dark Ages, then this wont be My Country.

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